PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer

PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer

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Calcium Zinc stabilizer is an additive added to PVC products. It can not only replace Lead salt and organotin stabilizer, but also has very good thermal stability, light stability, transparency and tinting power. Practice has proved that in PVC resin products, the processing performance is good, the thermal stability is equivalent to the lead salt stabilizer, and it is a good non-toxic stabilizer.

JOYSUN Ca-Zn stabilizer (CZ series) meets the latest EU RoHS 2.0. All products have passed SGS and other related tests .it can be widely used in SPC floors, WPC floors, foamed boards, Foam decorative profiles, Rigid profiles,Pipe fittings, Wires and Cables, Artificial leather, Children’s toys and other PVC rigid and soft products.

JOYSUN Ca-Zn stabilizer in application of PVC:
List of Ca-Zn Stabilizer

Grade Product Name Appearance Application
CZ830L Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC foam sheet/ profile/window shades
CZ3310L Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC WPC foam sheet & profile
Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC SPC floor
CZ113 Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC shoes
CZ2201L Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC rigid sheet & profile
CZ2301 Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC Pipe
CZ2501L Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder PVC edge banding
CZ701L Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder Pipe of injection
CZ60 Series Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder Artificial leather
CZ80 Series Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder Transparent products
CZ90 Series Ca-Zn Stabilizer White Powder Cable


Ca-Zn stabilizer10Ca-Zn stabilizer01Ca-Zn stabilizer02Ca-Zn stabilizer03Ca-Zn stabilizer04Ca-Zn stabilizer05Ca-Zn stabilizer06Ca-Zn stabilizer07Ca-Zn stabilizer09

Packing & Shipping
Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent13ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent11ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent12

JOYSUN company was established in 2005, focusing on producing plastic & rubber foaming agent, WPC additives and PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer, is qualified for R & D and provides export service as well. Besides producing additives, JOYSUN is technical service provider and promoter in plastic & rubber field.

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