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processing aid introductions

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PVC Processing Aid
Processing aids are acrylic copolymers/MMA used in compounds to assist in PVC fusion and surface finish and are important to the cell structure of rigid foamed parts.

Controlling melt elasticity is important for many types of PVC processing, such as profile extrusion and calendering. High melt elasticity is a major requirement in rigid foam products which are used as substitutes for thick wood board, such as brick molding and trim molding. While generally acrylic, the chemical identity and molecular weight of the processing aid govern its exact properties and the mix of fusion assistance, and internal or external lubrication.

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1.PVC profiles, sheets, fences, pipes and fittings

2. PVC transparent film, sheet and bottle
3. PVC profiles, wall panels, pipes, fittings and other injection molded products
4. PVC foam products

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