PE Lubricant & Compatilizer

PE Lubricant & Compatilizer

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The Wood-plastic lubricant formulated by JOYSUN is suitable for the production and processing of PE wood-plastic materials,
The product has high cost performance, good lubrication effect, uniform dispersion in the processing and production process, and excellent compatibility with matrix resin. If it is used in conjunction with other additives such as maleic anhydride PE compatibilizer, the mechanical strength of the product can be effectively improved.
As a wood- plastic lubricant, the product can improve the processing performance of the matrix resin and the surface

JOYSUN PE Lubricant & Compatilizer in application of PE:
PE WPC decking
List of PE Lubricant & Compatilizer

Grade Product Name Appearance Application
H311 Composite Lubricant White Powder 60℃ 24h boiled no plate out, 1.2%-1.8%
H365 Composite Lubricant White Powder 80℃ 24h boiled no plate out, 1.2%-1.7%
H702 Composite Lubricant White Powder Increase the extrusion speed by 20%-50%,80℃ 24h boiled no plate out, 1.2%-1.8%
H382 Composite Lubricant White Powder 100℃ 72h boiled no plate out, 1.4%-2.0%
PE01 Compatilizer White Pellet PP/PE WPC sheet or profile

Application :

PE WPC Lubricant & Compatilizer01PE WPC Lubricant & Compatilizer02PE WPC Lubricant & Compatilizer03PE WPC Lubricant & Compatilizer04

Health Performance Satisfy the specific requirements of ROHS.
Remark Should be transported in accordance with regulations of non-dangerous goods and stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse

Packing & shipping
Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

JOYSUN company was established in 2005, focusing on producing plastic & rubber foaming agent, WPC additives and PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer, is qualified for R & D and provides export service as well. Besides producing additives, JOYSUN is technical service provider and promoter in plastic & rubber field.

Office:Room 706-710, No. 1018, Moyu South Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai.
Factory: No. 589 Jigang Road, Dushangang Town, Pinghu City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Tel: 400-756-1818
Phone:+86 13817501906

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