OBSH Foaming Agent

OBSH Foaming Agent

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OBSH foaming agent is the variety with the largest production consumption among sulfonyl hydrazine foaming agents. It is a foaming agent with a very wide range of applications. It is called a universal foaming agent in plastics and rubber. It is an exothermic type of foaming agent.

The appearance of OBSH is white powder. Compared with AC, the decomposition temperature is lower. The decomposition temperature is 160℃, and the gas generation is about half of the blowing agent H and AC.

The products made by JOYSUN’S OBSH foaming agent have the characteristics of high whiteness and fine cells, which can be used in almost all plastics and foam products

OBSH mixed with other foaming agents has more special physical properties, such as: better cells, finer and higher mechanical strength, no formamide, environmentally friendly

At present, JOYSUN’S OBSH foaming agent is mainly used in windshield, neoprene foam products, PE/PS/PVC injection and extrusion molding processing, and also used in PVC wallpaper and other occasions where the performance of the foaming agent cannot be satisfied. . In particular, OBSH foaming agent has obvious advantages in wires and cables because it does not affect the electrical insulation of products.

Technical data

Specification Item Index Unit
Particle Size (D50) 3-6 μm
Gas Yield   120-130 mL/g
Decomposition Temperature 160±5
Suggested Dosage    0.3-2 %

Health Performance: Satisfy the specific requirements of ROHS.

Remark: Should be transported in accordance with regulations of dangerous goods and stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Packing & shipping
Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

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JOYSUN company was established in 2005, focusing on producing plastic & rubber foaming agent, WPC additives and PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer, is qualified for R & D and provides export service as well. Besides producing additives, JOYSUN is technical service provider and promoter in plastic & rubber field.
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