New additives for plastic additives

PVC processing modifier YMs – series products are the company will be advanced polymer synthesis technology and tsinghua university department of bai cheng chemical engineering laboratory of nano technology, the combination of research and development of a new type of modified PVC processing AIDS, it makes full use of the nanometer materials is greater than surface area, the characteristics of the surface free energy is big, to overcome the traditional PVC processing aid in the defect of plasticizing performance at lower temperature variation. In the processing process, the strong surface tension of nanomaterials is transformed into the internal friction with PVC molecules, because this internal friction increases with the decrease of temperature, which improves the problem that the plasticizability of traditional ACR significantly deteriorates with the decrease of temperature.
Compared with traditional ACR, HLN – series products have the following characteristics:
1) Static stability is better than traditional processing auxiliaries.
2) When the temperature changes, the shear force changes accordingly, which can make the plasticization degree of PVC basically unchanged.
3) can greatly improve the processing performance of PVC, improve the surface finish of products. ⒉1 Test method
1) Visual inspection of appearance
2) Volatile was measured according to GB/T2914
3) The particle size was measured according to GB/2916
4) Machinability can be measured by RM-200 torque rheometer, the speed is 35rpm, the temperature is 165oC, and the feeding amount is 61g;
Performance evaluation formula: PVC, 100g; CaCO3, 5 g; TiO2, 4 g; PE, 0.15 g; Stearic acid, 0.2g; Salt, 2.5g; Hard lead, 1.5g; Hard calcium, 0.7g; CPE, 9 g; Processing aid, 2g.
⒉2 Processing properties of processing AIDS
PVC processing agent function is to increase the internal molecules of the mixture and the friction between the mixture and the screw, cylinder surface, so as to improve the current and torque of PVC processing equipment, PVC in the lowest possible processing temperature uniformly plasticized, in order to get the lowest degree of decomposition, appearance and mechanical properties of PVC hard products. If the processing temperature of PVC is reduced, the greater the residual amount of stabilizer in PVC products, the lower the amount of HCI balance, and the better the stability or weather resistance of the products! And a condition of low temperature processing is to ensure high shear, that is, must ensure high current and torque. Therefore, the performance of PVC processing AIDS must be evaluated by torque and current, and the test equipment that can reflect the torque is the torque rheometer, so the company in the quality index of HLN – series of products, not with viscosity but with rheometer to characterize the processing performance of processing AIDS. All products are tested with rheometer before leaving the factory. If the rheometer curves coincide, the processing performance of the two batches of products is the same, so as to ensure the stability of customers in the process of production and use.

Post time: Jan-13-2021