Blowing Agent LD4730S

Blowing Agent LD4730S

Short Description:

Granule LD4730S is a kind of environmental friendly foaming agent formulated by JOYSUN, which is applicable to the production and processing of foaming polymers such as PE, PP, PPO, PMMA, PC, ABS, PC/ABS and HIPS.

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This product is environmental friendly granule blowing agent, with many good characteristics, such as tasteless, appropriate decomposing temperature, fine foaming cells, great appearance, excellent mechanical performance etc. It can avoid dust pollution, improve the processing performance of products, increase the melt fluidity, reduce the density and shrinkage of product. Suitable for the extrusion and injection molding process of PE, PP, PPO, PMMA, PC, ABS, PC/ABS and HIPS.

White Granule


Item Index Unit
Gas Yield 50-70 mL/g
Decomposition Temperature 170-190
Azo or Not No /

Application Parameters
Suggested Dosage 0.3-3.0 %

Mainly used in the polymers with process temperature from 230 to 300 ℃

Health Performance
Satisfy the specific requirements of ROHS.

Should be transported in accordance with regulations of non-dangerous goods and stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

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