Blowing Agent LD40S

Blowing Agent LD40S

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Blowing agent LD40S formulated by JOYSUN is suitable for the production and processing of PE, PP, EVA and other products.

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The effective ingredient of LD40S is ultra-fine organic chemical blowing agent, which can effectively improve the dispersion of blowing agent powder in polymer, homogenize the distribution of blowing agent, promoting nucleationto endow the product with more exquisite cell structure. Reduce dust pollution in the workplace to the greatest extent and improve measurement accuracythrough granulation. This odorless product is non-toxic as well as good controllability of foaming process, which can significantly improve the shrinkage and the dimensional consistency of finished products, suitable for automatic production line. Widely used in the extrusion and injection process of PE and PP foamed products, especially for the production and processing of high-grade EVA foaming articles.

Yellow Granular


Item Index Unit
Gas Yield 90-120 mL/g
Initial Decomposing Temperature 210-230

Application Parameters
Suggested Dosage 0.3-5 %

Health Performance
Satisfy the specific requirements of ROHS.

Should be transported in accordance with regulations of non-dangerous goods and stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

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