Blowing Agent F4

Blowing Agent F4

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Blowing agent F4 formulated by our company is suitable to the production and processing of PE, PP, EVA, PVC and other plastic foaming materials.

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This product is a superfine azo blowing agent with excellent dispersibility, concentrated decomposition temperature, good controllability of foaming process, which could endow the foamed products with fine uniform cells and adorable mechanical performance.Suitable for PVC foaming products with wall thickness less than 3mm, thickness closer to 3mm, our blowing agent NH600A could be a good option, thickness over 3mm, please use blowing agent F4 with our white foaming agent based on sodium bicarbonate.

Yellow Powder


Item Index Unit
D50 Particle Size 4-6 μm
Gas Yield 200-220 mL/g
Decomposition Temperature 200-210
Suggested Dosage 0.3-2 %

Health Performance
Satisfy the specific requirements of ROHS.

Should be transported in accordance with regulations of dangerous goods and stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

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