ADC Powder Foaming Agent

ADC Powder Foaming Agent

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AC foaming agent is the most commonly used blowing agent in plastic industry, it is non-flammable and self-extinguishing, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-discolored, insoluble in general plasticizers.

The lower the fineness, the easier it is to disperse in plastic and rubber, it can be foamed under normal pressure or pressurized.

Because the decomposition temperature is above 190℃, it is used in PVC and other olefin plastic foaming.

JOYSUN ADC foaming agent can be widely used in various rubber and plastic products. In addition to providing pure foaming agent with different particle sizes such as 4um, 8um, 10um, 18um, etc, also provides customers with different process temperatures (150-200℃), gas generation rate, gas generation volume, heat absorption ratio, etc. for personalization.

JOYSUN provides ADC in powder form to meet different needs of has the characteristics of narrow particle size range, excellent dispersion, not easy to absorb water and caking, stable storage, etc.

JOYSUN ADC foaming agent in application of PVC:

PVC foam advertisement board, furniture board & construction board
PVC foam window & door profile
PVC WPC foam

List of PVC foaming agent

Grade D.T.(℃) G.V.(mL/g)


NH600A 170 200

Fine Yellow Powder

NH258 160 180

Fine Yellow Powder

NH151 160 175

Fine Yellow Powder


ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent03ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent04ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent05 ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent06ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent01ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent02

JOYSUN ADC foaming agent in application of PS:

PS foam picture frame
PS foam furniture batten

List of PS foaming agent

Grade D.T.(℃) G.V.(mL/g) Appearance
CF255A 155 170 6-8μm
Fine Yellow Powder

ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent07ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent08

JOYSUN ADC foaming agent in application of PP/PE:

PE foam rattan
PP/PE pallet
PP food tray

ADC Particle Foaming Agent ADC Particle Foaming Agent01

JOYSUN ADC foaming agent in application of XPE/IXPE:

List of XPE/IXPE foaming agent

Grade D.T.(℃) G.V.(ml/g) Appearance Application
XPE02S 200 70-140 Yellow Pellet XPE IXPE
XPE02P 200 230 Yellow Powder XPE


ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent10

Packing & shipping
Packed in kraft paper bags, net weight 25KG.

ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent12ADC Powder & Particle Foaming Agent13

JOYSUN company was established in 2005, focusing on producing plastic & rubber foaming agent, WPC additives and PVC Ca-Zn stabilizer, is qualified for R & D and provides export service as well. Besides producing additives, JOYSUN is technical service provider and promoter in plastic & rubber field.

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